"a viscous fluid with excellent debris pickup capabilities"

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Alchemy APG5 Base (Azeotropic Pipeline Gel) is a medium viscosity gel with excellent debris pickup capabilities.  The function of this fluid is to provide a viscous liquid which will lift and retain debris while being pigged out of a pipeline system. APG Base is formulated to be crosslinked with Alchemy APG gelling agent if required.

It has been used to remove sand without the need to use pigs in a pipeline and where the use of a technical pig might produce a debris wave which could lead to fouling in front of a pig which could stick and plug the pipeline.  

Alchemy APG base has also been used to free stuck metal pigs in pipelines by deploying from the front end and lifting the pig off its stuck location and then slicking the line as it moves forward again and out of the pipeline.
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