"a solid high temperature 
gel pipeline pig."
Under Development
Alchemy HTGP (High Temperature Gel Pig) is a solid gel pig which can be used in temperatures of greater than 30 deg C to pig out lines and create temporary barriers for pipelines. Used in similar way to the Glycol Gel Pipeline Pig this Gel Pig system will be stable in temperatures in excess of 50 deg C. The gel pig is manufactured in a former which is sized for the internal diameter of the pipeline. The pig and former are delivered to the pipeline site where the gel pig is inserted into the pipeline. The pig can be propelled with water, methanol, monoethylene glycol or gas. At the end of the pipeline the pig can be removed through a pig trap receiver, small diameter outlets or sent to the production stream where it will dissolve with high temperature. This type of pig is also used to create a pack off to prevent sea water ingress or create sections of liquids within pipelines. Alchemy HTGP is presently being tested for biodegradation in long term tests. Please contact Alchemy for samples and further information on the exciting new development.
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